Summer Session II- Ethical & Legal Environment of Business

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Today, is the first day of my next MBA course, which I will refer to as Business Ethics & Law. We will be using case analysis to discern the ethical & legal environment of Businesses. I enjoyed my undergraduate course in Business Ethics, and will certainly gain a deeper understanding from this course.


Summer Session I-The Economics of Management Course- Regis University MBA

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I am certain that this course has broadened my professional horizons. I was so taken by the course materials that I did not pause to jot down my daily travails- however, I am evolving into a MBA…and the Economics of Management course has been instrumental for me professionally. It’s a rather profound process to behold. I am very much suited for this type of educational stimuli- and this is, a joy to note!

Currently, my cumulative average is a 3.5/4.0…while my cumulative average for my MBA is a 4.0. I gave this semester my all, just as I always do. So, I trust that upon receiving my grade from this course my cumulative average for my major will remain a 4.0. Excellence is one of my educational imperatives.

MIT Opencourseware- Sloan School of Management

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Under construction

United Nations Volunteer

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I am working with, a non- profit based in Madrid, Spain. In this capacity I play a few roles, however, I serve mainly as an Executive Coach & as the Marketing & Planning Strategist.

onward & upward!

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There just isn't enough time in the day! When I started this BLOG I thought I 'd be able to update it on a weekly basis. Well, that just did not happen. I now believe that I can schedule a brief blurb on a bi-weekly basis. Stay tuned!

So…onward & upward I go!

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Momma MBA Business Interviews

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My Odeo Channel

From time to time, I will be the Broadcast Host of a series of Momma MBA Shows. The purpose is to inspire the entrepeneurial spirit as well as to continue to exchange information regarding emerging technology & Business Best Practices.

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