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Fall Session I-Issues in International Business

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Last semester came and went… And I am happy to report that I received a B+ for all my hard work!

I went through a rough few weeks where technology was not on my side. By the time it all came to a close, it was 2 weeks away from turning my attentions to a new semester!

I am now in Week 3 of a new semester…and you guessed it,” life happened”- I was dealt another blow with a recent death in the family.

I prefer to look at it like this… all these peaks and valleys make me better prepared to manage my professional life, with an MBA in hand.

My goal is no different this semester- get an A…

we shall see…

I want to push that 3.7 higher!

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Momma MBA Business Interviews

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My Odeo Channel

From time to time, I will be the Broadcast Host of a series of Momma MBA Shows. The purpose is to inspire the entrepeneurial spirit as well as to continue to exchange information regarding emerging technology & Business Best Practices.