In a few days this semester will come to a close and I will be one class closer to my graduate degree. My current course Financial Decision Making will end but the financial lessons learned are seared into my mind for all times. The case studies combined with assuming a mock CFO role have confirmed that my pursuit of an MBA was indeed well thought out. I feel refreshed by the timeliness of the course materials….and inspired to add my energies to enhance corporate governance especially in terms of ethics and risk management.

We turned to real world examples…to build the financial resolve, the mental agility needed on the training grounds where future CFO’s are cast. The emerging MBA will no doubt face unprecedented challenges (courtesy of continued innovation & global realities)…so I am content to sharpen my financial skill-sets, even into the wee morning hours.

I knew this would not be childs play-I admit, I have moments when stress & sleep are at odds…but… I trust that all my hard work will pay off, pay me dividends even….My eyes are remain fixed on graduating with honors later this year. Universe don’t fail me now! I need a B or better…..Prayer will see me through….